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It looks like a panic button, and of course, can be configured like that. Can turn on the alarm, or send a notification to a family member, but this is not all, because it hides many more features and capabilities.


The Button recognize up to 6 actions. Single click can turn on the lights. Two clicks can activate the heating, holding down the button may close window blinds or gate.


This device is small and has wireless communication. The FIBARO multiswitch can be conveniently mounted on any surface and in any position or location at home, on a visible place or hidden.


The Button multi-controller is battery operated and can be mounted virtually anywhere in your home. It can also be move constantly so that your little helper will be always at your hand.

Easy to useand configure

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work with apple homekit?

No, unfortunately not. At this time, the Button is only compatible with Z-Wave technology, but also with Google Home and Alexa.

No, The Button is not water-resistant. However, it can be placed anywhere you want as it uses adhesive tape.

Yes, it can be screwed into a wall or heavy-duty sticky tape can be used to mount it as well. But it also operates without any mounting, making it very portable.

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The picture is worth a thousand words, so please watch a video prepared by FIBARO. See all of its possibilities and decide how would you like to use your BUTTON. 

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