We repair, service and maintain all brands & types of solar hot water systems and bring the efficiency back. We have extensive experience in modern heating systems, so we can solve your problem quickly and effectively.

Solar Hotwater Servicing

Why servcie Solar Heating System?

Solar thermal hot water heating systems should be serviced every 2 years. We will assess any problems and advise how any faulty systems can be fixed to maximise the potential of your water heating system. The glycol which circulates through the pipes loses its quality over time and needs to be topped up with concentrate or sometimes changed altogether.

Scaling and Corrosion.

Two major factors affecting the performance of properly sited and installed solar water heating systems include scaling and corrosion. Scale buildup reduces system performance in a number of ways. Scaling can occur in the collector, piping, valves, pump and other heating parts – causing their damage.
Most well-designed solar systems experience minimal (galvanic) corrosion. Solar water heating systems, which use liquids as heat-transfer fluid need regular servicing because oxygen entering into asystem will cause rust in any iron or steel component.

Regular servicing benefits

Optimal Performance

Failure Prevention

Extended Lifespan

Efficiency Boost

Our typical service involve:

Pice: €279

Price includes up to 20 liters of new glycol, valued at 80€


Solar is a fantastic eco-friendly way of heating hot water for your home and business. It will bring savings - if you take care of it.

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Solar heating systems should be serviced annually or at intervals no greater than 2 years.
Over time the heat transfer fluid starts to the liquid lose its quality and your solar system decreases pressure and efficiency.


Power flushing of a heating system is a highly effective process used to clean and restore the efficiency of a house heating system. Power flushing of the solar circuit with a special solar cleaning solution to remove sludge and debris.

Our Google Reviews

The lads from IntHome are the top notch. I had a brilliant experience with flushing service at my home in Blanchardstown. Jarek honestly was excellent at explaining the issues and great conversation on other matters. My radiators were working perfectly once finished.

February 11, 2023
After a month with no heating in the flat and almost a week after the last attempted repair by another company left us with no hot water, we received Rafal and his coworker's visit. The main goal was to flush the circuit to try and remove a blockage that prevented filling it and the boiler from being functional. Lads are dogged and did a great job of the power flush of blocked pipe and seven radiators.
December 2, 2022
We used IntHome to clean our heating system and I found them punctual, polite and knowledgeable about the process. After seeing what came out of the system I’m glad We did! Jarek the engineer was very professional, tidy and friendly. We would recommend this company to all our friends and family.
Ocober 17, 2022

There are two main types of solar water heat collectors available on the Irish market. Flat Plates – usually mounted on roofs and Vacuum Tubes mounted on the ground or flat roofs. The good news is that we can repair, service and maintain all types and brands of systems to provide the efficiency back up to where it should be.

We service a large number of solar hot water heating systems in Dublin area. We will assess any problems and advise how any faulty systems can be fixed to maximise their potential.

Let us look at it and help you make more savings and avoid costly repairs.

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