2nd Generation

Smoke Alarm And Carbon Monoxide Detector

Intelligent features to  protects you and your family from an invisible danger.

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Split‑Spectrum Sensor

The device detects both fast and slow-burning fires. The foam and particle board in much of today’s furniture make fires burn faster. Google Nest Protect Smoke Sensor uses two wavelengths of light to detect smoke from both fast-burning and also smouldering fires.

Humidity sensor

Has your alarm ever yelled at you for having a shower? Nest Protect comes with Steam Check. It uses custom algorithms and a humidity sensor to look for steam so that you can enjoy a nice, quiet shower.

Smoke detector
that speaks

Google Protect speaks up to tell you if there’s smoke or CO and where the problem is, so you or your family members know what to do. Also, if something wrong has happened, Nest Smoke Alarm sends a notification to all defined phone numbers.


Traditional smoke alarms should be tested monthly, but most people do not. So, the Nest Protect checks batteries and sensors every three minutes, which will give you a notice about the incorrect operation or a power problem, etc.

How Nest Protect works?

Please watch video prepared by Google, simulating the operation of the device in everyday use. Nest Protect has a friendly human voice that gives you an early warning. That way you can handle burning toast before it becomes a burning toaster. I you using few devices: when one speaks, they all speak. So the alarm in your bedroom can tell you there’s smoke downstairs. Isn’t that AWSOME?

Our Google Reviews

Love Nest Protect
We was skeptical but this product meets all our needs. W bought two, one put in the kitchen and second in corridor near bedrooms. It does its duty. We tested it with flames, smoke and even with gas, and it's really works. Notifications gets to our phones fast and accurate. Highly recommend!

Jeff and Yvonne


great experience
Response time was excellent, with less than a week between first contact and installation. Installer arrived on time, was really helpful, and made sure I was happy with everything before he left. He was lovely to deal with, very professional job and I would definitely call again.



Very impressed
I'm very impressed by the device so far. I already have a Nest Learning Thermostat which has paid for itself many times over. Google Nest have made something as mundane as a smoke detector but actually push that simply device to top level on the market. Well done Google and Inthome Automation.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to buy a new one after 10 years?

All the smoke alarms have a 10-year life limit. It is recommended to replace and they will start not working perfect, some laws in some areas say MUST be replaced.

Is there any particular place to site this detector?

If you place it in the kitchen you can get too many alerts. It is better to place your Nest Protect in the lounge or dining area or other place adjacent to the kitchen. 

Nightlight feature: does it badly affect battery?

We have not noticed any significant battery drain (replace the batteries after 18 months). In the settings you can set the brightness to low, medium or high. Setting it to low conserves battery.

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