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Full of intelligent features to heat your home more efficiently and save your money.

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Control from anywhere

The Nest mobile app means you can easily and conveniently control your nest thermostat wherever you are, allowing you to turn up your heating when you are on your way home, so it’s nice and warm for your arrival.

Location detection

Using the location of your mobile, it can accurately detect if you are at home and turn the heating off or down if you are out, helping to avoid wasting money heating an empty property.

Open Therm technology

The latest Nest thermostats also use open therm technology, helping you save even more energy. This is an advanced algorithm that can modulate your boiler’s heating temperature, allowing your boiler to use less gas to reach the temperature set by the thermostat.

Nest Protect

A carbon monoxide leak from your central heating boiler or heating system can be deadly, so it’s great to know the Nest can work in conjunction with the optional Nest protect smoke alarms to turn your boiler off should it detect a CO leak.

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How Nest Learning Thermostat works?

Please watch our video, simulating the operation of the device in everyday use. You will find more videos about smart devices and house automation, on our YT channel and social media soon.

Prices for Installation:


starts from €180


starts from €300


starts from €400


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(the above prices are for installation only - smart thermostat device not included)



At its most basic level, you can use an intelligent thermostat just like a standard, old type thermostat. You can walk up to it, turn up the heat and sit down again. If it’s too hot, you can turn it down a bit.
Of course, this device is a lot smarter than this, and you’ll probably find you won’t need to touch the device or adjust temp. in mobile app much once the system has learned your schedule.


For the few weeks after installation, you’re encouraged to turn the dial down when you leave the house and turn it up when you come back to your home. Also, the movement sensor detects whether anyone is still in the house. So if not, it will turn down the heat automatically, and shows “Auto AWAY” status on the display. Pets won’t set off the sensor, so you won’t end up wasting gas/electricity by heating the house up for your dogs/cats etc.  You can check the status of the thermostat learning feature, by going to the settings in the app or on the website, where each feature will either shows the status “Ready” or “Learning”. After the learning process, the thermostat will automatically create a schedule for you and your family.


If you have an irregular lifestyle. You leave and back in the home at different times, the Nest thermostat may have a problem getting the schedule right. So it’s best to set it up manually. You can use the device display or app to set a schedule, just as you would a traditional programmer. However, instead of “on'” and “off” you set the temperature you want your home to be when you’re in, and a low temperature for all other times. 

Auto-Away and Home/Away Assist

Auto-away system uses your phone’s location in conjunction with sensors on the thermostat to more accurately determine whether anyone is home or not. The Nest Smart Thermostat way of doing things combines geolocation along with the indoor sensors to figure out if everyone’s out or some person is still at home. Also, this system allows you to set your Nest Cam to automatically turn on the camera when the last person leaves the house and off when someone returns.

Home/Away Assist is for your family members. This feature helps create a schedule more accurate and responsive. Create up to 10 accounts so everyone in the household can have their own login, and the system can use everyone’s phone location (Android or iOS). Also, any of your family accounts can control the thermostat, receive notifications, etc.

Nest Learning Thermostat
Programs itself.

Then pays for intself.

Our Google Reviews

Perfect device
I like that I can control my heat/AC from the App on my Smartphone. I wish the eco feature would recognize 19 degree's Celcius, as an eco setting. The professionals state that this is where you should set your thermostat for the winter for efficientcy. Highly recomend team and device.



fantastic service
Not only was my issue fixed (which a previous electrician was unable to fix) but also it was explained what could be causing the problem. Extremely knowledgeable on the product and solutions and also very diligent in his work. Very fair price and quickly fixed. I won't be using anyone else again. Thanks!


Kildare Town

Save money on my bill
Improved comfort while gaining efficiency! Very professional installation, no mess left behind and the job was completed to a very high standard. I had questions about other Nest systems, the installer took his time assessing my house to ensure all my questions were answered. Highly recommended.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Nest thermostat save my money on the heating bills?

Nest learning thermostat does monitor your behaviour and adjust your heating as necessary, so there is little doubt that it will help to reduce your energy use and therefore save money. Nest states that the average UK customer can save between form 8% to 16% on their heating bills.

To turn the temperature up or down on the thermostat, it’s pretty simple.
Using Nest app: tap on the thermostat circle then tap the up or down arrows to increase or decrease the temperature.
Or on the device: turn the outside dial clockwise or anti-clockwise to increase or decrease the temperature.

on Nest app: tap on the thermostat circle then pap the “Schedule” tab at the bottom of the display.

on the device: press the thermostat, then turn the outside dial clockwise to the calendar icon after that push the thermostat to select.

On the Nest app: tap on the thermostat circle then tap the ECO tab at the bottom of the screen after that, select START ECO.
On the device: push the thermostat then turn the outside dial clockwise to the leaf after that push the thermostat to select and push the thermostat again when START ECO MMODE is highlighted in Blue.

It is easy to link your Nest account to Google Home for voice control through Google Assistant.  In this app press “+” then tap “New devices” and search for Nest.
Nest works with Amazon Alexa. In the Alexa app press on the three lines in the top left corner.  Press “Skills & Games” and search for Nest. Press “Enable to Use”  and sign in to your Nest Account.

Press the thermostat circle in the app. Then the “History “tab at the bottom of the screen. Ten days of energy history will then appear, showing you how many hours your heating was on. 
On the device press the thermostat and turn the dial to the “History”. Then push the Thermostat to select, after that turn the dial anti-clockwise to scroll through the different days.

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