The amazing guardian of your home


Intelligent, Elegant and Multifunctional
Video Doorbell

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crystal clear view

HDR Image Quality Video Doorvbell with 180° Wide Angle Lens. It will not be deceived by poor light nor nasty weather. It will always clearly show you the face of a visitor at your doorstep.

Full Surveillance

Fibaro Intercom includes features of a perfect surveillance system letting you watch the live preview of your home surroundings. Make sure your home is safe and use Intercom to monitor current situation.

Smart Opening

With Fibaro Intercom, you may put your keys away. Now you can open the door using, pin code, mobile app, Bluetooth proximity or calling a family member.

Pure voice

This video doorbell uses two directional microphones to process the voice and make it clear and of pure quality. Intercom allows you to take calls from the visitors not only when you are at home, but also when you are out.

With this amazing guardian...
your home will be your castle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate Fibaro Intercom with Monitoring System?

Yes, You can connect your Fibaro Intercom to your video recording system. The device will become another surveillance camera with the ability to intelligently record and playback events.

Can Video Dorbell record a voice?

Fibaro Intercom records and saves messages. When you are not at home, your guest may leave important information, that you will be able to replay at any time.

How to oper a door or gate remotely?

The phone will also allow you to contact FIBARO Intercom from afar. Do not worry that someone from your family has forgotten his or her keys again. You can do this even when you are far away from home.

weather resistancy

...even the Irish weather can not beat it.

Are you away from home?

Now you can say "Hello" to your visitors
and even open a door or gate.

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What People Say?

Love Nest Protect
We was skeptical but this product meets all our needs. W bought two, one put in the kitchen and second in corridor near bedrooms. It does its duty. We tested it with flames, smoke and even with gas, and it's really works. Notifications gets to our phones fast and accurate. Highly recommend!

Jeff and Yvonne


great experience
Response time was excellent, with less than a week between first contact and installation. Installer arrived on time, was really helpful, and made sure I was happy with everything before he left. He was lovely to deal with, very professional job and I would definitely call again.



Very impressed
I'm very impressed by the device so far. I already have a Nest Learning Thermostat which has paid for itself many times over. Google Nest have made something as mundane as a smoke detector but actually push that simply device to top level on the market. Well done Google and Inthome Automation.