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Local Heat Pump Servicing

Service your heat pump in County Dublin, county Kildare, county Meath, county Louth and surrounding areas. Our  engineers are available to help with any heat pump repair needs that your property may have. Please call: 087356 8707 or  089 444 1242 or use the contact form to book visit of our specialist.

Discover Magic of Heat Pumps for Your Home!

Hey there, homeowners! Are you looking for an energy-efficient and eco-friendly way to keep your home comfortable year-round? Look no further – let's talk about heat pumps!

What are Heat Pumps?
Heat pumps are innovative HVAC systems that work wonders by transferring heat from one place to another. Whether it’s winter and you need to warm up your space, or summer and you’re craving some cool relief, heat pumps can do it all!

How do they Work?
Unlike traditional heating or cooling methods that generate their own heat, heat pumps utilize the existing heat in the air, ground, or water sources. By extracting warmth from these sources, they can efficiently heat your home in winter. In summer, they can even reverse the process to provide cooling comfort!

of home heating

Installing a heat pump means embracing a cosy and comfortable living space and reducing your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win for your family and the planet!

Ready to make the switch? Please consult our professionals to determine the right heat pump system for your home’s unique needs. Feel free to drop your questions in the form below. We are here to help you navigate the world of heat pumps!

The Power of Regular Heat Pump Servicing!

Why Service Your Heat Pump? Just like any other machine, your heat pump needs regular maintenance to stay in top-notch condition. Regular servicing offers a host of benefits that you won’t want to miss out on:

Efficiency Boost: A well-maintained heat pump operates more efficiently, saving you money on energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

Extended Lifespan: Scheduled servicing helps catch and address minor issues before they turn into major problems, giving your heat pump a longer and healthier life.

Optimal Performance: When your heat pump is clean, well-oiled, and properly adjusted, it keeps your home cozy in winter and refreshingly cool in summer.

Air Quality: Regular maintenance includes cleaning or changing filters, ensuring the air circulating in your home is fresh and allergen-free.

What's Involved in Servicing? A professional heat pump service typically includes:

  • Cleaning and inspecting the system’s components
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Testing electrical connections
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Calibrating controls and settings

New 7 Year Manufacturer's Warranty by Samsung for parts and labour work.

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Our Google Reviews

10/10 would recommend lads from INThome to anyone looking for heating service. Super professional work was carried out and explained everything throughout. He patiently walked me through the features of my heat pump, which added an extra layer of value to the service. Additionally, he assisted in configuring the app on my device and explained its functionalities in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.
Response time was excellent, with less than a week between first contact and installation. Installer arrived on time, was really helpful, and made sure I was happy with everything before he left. He was lovely to deal with, very professional job and I would definitely call again.
Well. There is little I can say. Jarak turned up the day I called to fix up the work of not 1, 2 but the 3 prior electricians who attempted to fix our heat pump. Each failed miserably and wouldn't return to the job after being paid. He spent 4.5 hours tirelessly undoing all the shabby incompetent work of others. Finally, my heating system start working. Thanks so much 🙏 for what has been an ordeal.