The HEAT Controller

Control your heating with a smartphone and start saving on heating costs now!

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With FIBARO Heat Controller you can adjust radiators separately instead of the entire furnace. Set each radiator temperature to your needs and keep maximum comfort by having the temperature of each room programmed to your daily routine.

Save money

Save money with the FIBARO Heat Controllers. Make savings to your family budget while taking care of the environment. Heating Costs reduction of up to 42%

Heater check

Check if the heating system works correctly. FIBARO radiator head can control the operation of your heating system. The Heat Controller will be able to diagnose whether the heater works correctly. Will be notified immediately of any unusual behaviour in your heating system.


Install Heat Controller on each radiator in your home and configure it with additional FIBARO Temperature Sensors. After that, the radiators will therefore create a consistent environment to work out maximum comfort and savings by cooperating together.

Manage heat intelligently

Check out the intelligent Heat Controller that will automate your heating system according to a specific daily schedule. Its fantastic algorithm will learn the room environment and set the temperature in accordance with the current events including weather and activity. 

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There has never been

a more intelligent thermostat.

Smart Heating

Innovative room analysis algorithm

Do you like really warm rooms in winter? But sometimes you need to ventilate, and then… well, the energy goes out. However, it does not have to be like this. With the Fibaro intelligent system, heating is automatically switched off when an open window is detected. This way you avoid unnecessary energy consumption and can use the saved budget for other purposes.

Depending on your preferences, the FIBARO Heating Controller may turn the heating off when the room is being aerated or do the opposite – work in the mode which makes sure to keep the temperature constant even when the windows are open.


is waitng for you

On cold or wet days we dream about returning to a warm house. Fibaro Home Intelligence has a dedicated solution. Just a few clicks in the application installed on your smartphone and your house is adapted to your needs. Adjust the temperature for each room separately

The FIBARO System can activate heating when you’re on your way home. It will start increasing the temperature at the optimum moment in order to reach the perfect level of warmth when you arrive at your cosy home.

Fibaro Heat Controller is a single system with multiple possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an extra temperature sensor?

It is not necessary. FIBARO The Heat Controller is a smart thermostatic head that can operate with or without an extra temperature sensor. The extra temperature sensor improves the heating quality, as the Heat Controller has much more accurate temperature data. 

How is the heating controller powered?

Has a built-in battery, that can be charged using a regular phone charger with a micro-USB cable. After the single charge, the heat controller will be working throughout the entire heating season. If the battery is low, the device will remind you about the necessity to charge it itself. You won’t have to look for or buy new batteries ever again.

Will the adaptor fit my radiators?

The head works with the most popular types of radiator valves. Thanks to the special adaptors that come within the set, it can be mounted on 98% of the radiators available on the market. But if you are not sure, ask our installers.

 FIBARO  Smart Heating Set

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