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INThome Automation

Certified FIBARO Installer & Distributor

We Are A Premium Fibaro Installers & Distributors.  We provide full Smart Home setup and installation services in Ireland. As an expert in the Home automation field, INThome Ireland is able to combine the different smart home elements from a range of the best manufacturers and brands in smart home technology and professionally install them into your home with minimal disruption.

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Keep everything under control.

Fibaro Smart Devices allows you to fully manage and monitor all your home.

Discover FIBARO Smart Home solutions

Home Center 3

Breakthrough in the management of your smart home

Fibaro created the most advanced control unit for managing your space. Now you can control virtually every device in your house with a single button, gesture, or word. Discover Home Center 3.

Our needs are changing. To keep up with them, use the Fibaro Smart Home product line. The smart solutions make your home intuitive and safe, reducing your bills.

Fibaro is a technology that takes your home to another dimension. Just decide to what extent you wish to use it. The user-friendly system gives you a lot of possibilities to feel comfortable in your house.

A real GAME-CHANGER of home automation market.

The Fibaro System surprises you completely. Control and manage your home automation devices using the Messenger application, Google Assistant voice assistant, or Alexa. Live more comfortably! It’s so simple and intuitive.

And when your WiFi has unexpectedly gone down. Discover the benefits of the Z-Wave system. With this solution, your smart home can still work flawlessly, even without the Internet. Connect your whole house and explore the possibilities of the Fibaro System.

Adjust the lighting to the needs of all the family members.


SMART lighting

Simplicity and comfort in one.
Do your kids always forget to turn off the bathroom light? No problem! With Fibaro Lights, you don’t have to keep reminding them. All you have to do is access the application logged on to your smartphone and tap on your screen!

Weekend family time or relaxing with friends
Are snacks ready? Time to celebrate. Just sit comfortably on the couch and turn on your favorite movie.Do not worry about changing the light. Use Fibaro App or Google assistant. The mood is set!

RGBW Controller



Simple patents not only for the youngest
When you walk around the house in the evening, you turn the lights on and off in the rooms. Fibaro Motion Sensor function allows you to forget about it. The motion system is so sensitive that it will follow you. When someone enters the hall or the kitchen, the light automatically turns on. When you come back into the room, it turns off. Simple, right? And it saves you money, too.


The Fibaro Lights line makes your house
smart and ergonomic.

SAFE and Security

Protection and security

All devices from the safety and security series will ensure the full protection of you and all your family members. Watch every corner of your house using motion sensors, doors and windows sensors. The Fibaro security systems keep you safe. All the systems are synchronized with the application on your smartphone. Always be up-to-date.

Safe and easy life

Because the most important thing is your safety and knowing if something bad is happening at home when you are busy with daily chores and pleasures or when you are away from home. Smoke sensors, CO sensors, Flood sensors and other smart devices help you make your home a truly safe place. 


Always well looked after

...now you will know about any open door or window in seconds.

Feel shy about asking your neighbours to keep an eye on your home during the holidays? No longer do you have to do it.

Keep an eye on your house, using the Fibaro system. While on holiday, take a look at the application on your smartphone.

Set up a Fibaro App on your smartphone before the holiday. Decide when and where the lights in your home will come down. It will effectively deter a thief. 

No matter where you are, your home will be safe.

The Fibaro Motion Sensor integrated with the monitoring system watches over your property day and night. When the system detects a threat, it will notify you! With the intuitive Fibaro System, it is much easier.

When the system detects unwanted movement, your house will be seen and heard from far away. The Fibaro light Controller turns on the lights immediately and the neighbours will hear and see the alarm, and the mobile application will notify you immediately.

The HEAT Controller


Control your heating with a smartphone and start saving on heating costs now!

Check out the intelligent Heat Controller that will automate your heating system according to a specific daily schedule. Its fantastic algorithm will learn the room environment and set the temperature in accordance with the current events including weather and activity. 

There has never been

a more intelligent thermostat.


More than once while watching a movie, most of us have dreamed of having someone close the blinds for us. Nothing easier. Just give a voice command to Google assistant while lying in bed or program the dedicated Fibaro Scene.


new smart home app

Download the FibaroApp and enjoy constant contact with your smart home. Enter the user panel, choose the function you’re interested in, or view images. Always be up-to-date. If the system detects any undesirable situation or performs any operation, you will be immediately notified. Get remote access to your home!


Say one sentence!
The weekend is a time to relax, not clean. Just install the dedicated app and say the magic words, “Hey Google, start cleaning up”. The Google Home Hub, a wireless voice assistant, turns on the IRobot immediately. What’s more, the Fibaro RGBW Controller changes the color of the lighting in the room. Great to know when the task is done.
Time to relax
It’s evening, so it’s time to relax. With Fibaro it would be much easier. Just give a single command or a few clicks in the installed app. While you’re preparing snacks, the system will change the lights, close the blinds and start the home cinema. As soon as all the family comes to the living room, everything will be ready. Movie night is on!
Sleep well!
Don’t worry about the alarm going off or the lights outside . Sleep well! With your Google voice assistant, the system can do everything else for you. Just one sentence and the system remotely sets your alarm, closes all the shutters, switches off the lights, and lowers the temperature in selected rooms. Program your commands to suit your needs!
Plan your daily scenes
On your Home Center 3 device, create your daily routine. On weekdays, open the blinds at 6:00 a.m., turn the bedroom light on 50% and turn off the garden lights. On the weekend, start your day at 9:00 a.m. with no lights on in your bedroom. None of this requires your intervention – an incredible comfort that saves energy and reduces your bills too.

It's time for smart living


Summer patio parties

Invite your friends to a summer party and create the perfect mood. With just a few clicks your garden is ready for a summer party. As soon as your guests step out onto the terrace, the mood lights turn on and the music plays.  Don’t forget to grab some snacks on the way out.


Garden tasks

Set a watering schedule. Light up the patio lighting. All of this is possible with Fibaro. Whether station will tell you when the watering is enough. If it is, the sprinklers won’t run and you’ll save water.

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