Door/Window Sensor

Advanced contact sensor with a temperature measurement feature

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compact size

FIBARO Door/Window Sensor is the smallest contact and temperature sensor available on the market. Its miniature dimensions and unusual lightness makes it almost invisible on your window frames and doors.

Temperature sensor

This window or door Sensor has an additional function of informing of exceeding the programmed temperature threshold, for eg.when a room is being ventilated, the FIBARO Door/Window Sensor will signal the heating to stop or temporarily deactivate it.

Smart notifications

If you not sure that window is closed, ask FIBARO. Window Sensor will send you information about it directly to your smart phone. System allows you to arm your devices. In case of tampering, an alarm syrene will be turned on and notification will be send to defined phone numbers.

Self Protection

Protection from tampering and damage. The FIBARO Door/Window Sensor will immediately inform you about any attempts to remove the sensor or open its case.

Compact and rounded Design

Miniature dimensions and ultra-light sensor, makes it almost invisible on your window frames and doors. Easily mounted on doors, windows, garage gates and roller blinds. But there are many places where such a sensor would be very useful – find them all!

LED indicator signalling status of the device. Door/window opening detected through separation of sensor body and a magnet. After then device will send notification directly to your mobile phone or runs turn on alarm siren.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this sense window ajar? Can it sense less than 1mm opening?
The magnet is pretty strong, so the door would need to be open much more than 1mm. This prevents the sensor from being triggered by, for example, gusts of wind.
Is magnet required when using as temperature sensor only?
The temperature function will continue to report a temperature without magnet. But the sensor reports “data”. If no magnet is present it will always report “open”.
Will this work on a garage door?

The device is dedicated for house/room doors and windows. It all depends on the design of your garage door. The distance between the sensor and magnet should not be greater than 5mm.

Wherever you are, you have everything under control.

with Immediate

Mobile notifications

What People Say?

automate lights
This is perfect for my need to automate lights based on the open/close & run the exhaust fan when we get park + when the temperature hits a predetermined threshold in the garage! So far, working like a charm. The device needs unusual 1/2 AA batteries, but guys from intHome told me where to buy a replacement.



Front & garden door
The device is paired with my Apple TV to provide feedback via Homekit to my iPhone App and works very well. When the door is opened or closed an alert appears on both my wife's phone and mine wherever we are. This means that we know what happens to the front/garden door even if we are out walking with the dog or shopping.



So far I like it
I like the neat design and how it blends well with the window frame. The sensor not only tells you if the window is open or closed but also the temperature to hold optimal temperature in my house. I consider purchasing another one to use on the windows on the porch.



are you afraid of a break-in? you will know about any open door or window in seconds.

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